Lance Armstrong Motorpacing Tejay Garderen

Banned former cyclist Armstring has revealed to be helping out Tejay Garderen on his training spree by motorpacing.

The once-famous-now-disgraced rider revealed about his assistance for the leading BMC cyclist Grand tour preps in one of his recent interviews by a popular magazine.

Armstrong recently had an interview session wit Danish media t his Aspen home where he spent 3 days with the journalist accompanied by the photographer on duty.

Bernard Hinault On His Own Career And Lance Armstrong

Bernard Hinault considers Lance Armstrong to be a stain in his Cycling memories; he also said that he wouldn’t talk to Lance Armstrong if he met him. Hinault turned 60 on Friday, November 14th.

Beech Mountain hosts USA Cycling’s Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships this weekend

The top college mountain bikers of the nation will take part on the Beech Mountain fest on 24th to 26th October for the USA Cycling’s Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships. This is the second time that Beech Mountain is hosting such a championship and more than 70 schools take part out of which there are 300 riders who battle six disciplines to get the ultimate title.

Miller To Lead The British Team In World Road Race Championship 2014

David Miller has been made the captain of the British team at the World Road Race Championships in Ponferrada, Spain which is set to commence this weekend. He’ll be appearing in a GB jersey and will be leading a team of nine.

Over Viewing David Cameron’s Cycling Revolution

When David Cameron came to power and became the Prime Minister of Britain, he made a promise that Britain will undergo a cycling revolution. He made an announcement on the 12th of August, 2013 that this revolution will remove all kinds of obstacles for the British cyclists in the years to come. The three things which were a part of the cycling revolution were: cycle-proofing, investment fund and cycling delivery plan.
Let us take a look at all of these three components separately:

Bristol city council plans new cycling lanes across city; target 20% cyclers by 2020

In a plan to get around one fifth of all commuters to get into cycling by 2020, Bristol’s city council has announced a fund worth £35 million plan.

The authority plans to raise the usage of commuters using cycles as means of transport to work to 20 per cent from the current nine per cent through a number of improvements in the infrastructure, including cycling tracks which are more segregate.

Among its major initiatives, the council plans to use its funds and other grants to build commuter “corridors” towards north, north west, east and south.