Armstrong Makes Many Admissions

There will probably not be news about Lance, cycling in his country anytime soon, but there are fresh revelations of how he admits to having taken performance enhancing drugs after all those years when he was questioned on his remarkable performance levels and he simply cited hard work to be the reason behind his successes.

After doping charges were levied on him from 2012 today the trials are still on and he faces the stigma of being brought down from the high altar on which he had been placed earlier.

Today he admits that he admires those who refrained themselves from using dope in the nineties and early part of the millennium when the doping regulations were not so stringent. Since the revelations he has come to different shows and admitted that he started to take EPO when it was clear that he needed to do so if he wanted to win.

He now admits that he realizes that those who did not resort to drugs struggled in their own ways while he chose the drug as he was fixated on winning. He states that he was probably more like the others who often lost and had to take tough decisions of going home in order to cut their losses. He released a podcast in the ,a href=””>month of February where he revealed that the return he did to the sport in 2009 was not something he should have done. He had taken a break after 2005 and when he came back in 2009, that is when he bridged the past with the present and allowed greater scrutiny on his preparations and what he took for his performance. He also admits that what is hard for him to do is to look back at the denials he made about taking drugs in the past.