Armstrong Must Not “Ambush Tour France 2015: Wada Boss

Lance Armstrong’s declaration to take part in Tour France2015 charity ride has led to sparks from several quarters. David Howman, the WADA boss has expressed strong concern over the disgraced rider’s recent declaration & has warned him not to “ambush” 2015 Tour France by participating in the charity ride.

As per the reports, ex-footballer & cancer survivor Geoff Thomas had persuaded the banned American rider to join the charity ride, in spite of his lifetime ban for consuming PEDs.

Thomas is hopeful to raise around 1 million pounds to help to fight leukemia.

“It is quite disappointing to know that Lance would be at the centre stage of an event that he cheated at so often”, stated Howman.

“He is very much welcome to strive towards saving lives. I do not feel that he should go for ambush marketing a ride that is way superior compared to what Lance is doing.”

The July charity ride would follow the route of Tour France, a day before the race. The 43-year old rider was ripped of his 7 Tour France titles & banned from professional cycling zone by USADA in the year 2012. The disgraced rider later admitted his consumption of PEDs during all his Tour France victories.

Along with Howman, UCI boss Brian Cookson too has criticized Armstrong’s decision to take part in Tour charity ride. Sir Brailsford, the Sky Principal, also echoed the same tune as that of Cookson & Howman.

Howman even mentioned that he was little cynical regarding the reports that Lance had met the USADA chief Travis Tygart to reduce the ban.

“He received the ban in the year 2012 & it is 2015 now. If Armstrong had any data that he sensed would help in reducing ban, he would’ve surely offered it in the meantime”, noted Howman.