Bernard Hinault On His Own Career And Lance Armstrong

Bernard Hinault considers Lance Armstrong to be a stain in his Cycling memories; he also said that he wouldn’t talk to Lance Armstrong if he met him. Hinault turned 60 on Friday, November 14th.

Hinault thinks that Armstrong has tarnished the reputation of the sport. He said that cycling’s condition is no worse than the other sports and it is unfair that only cycling is being targeted. Hinault said that not only he wouldn’t talk to Armstrong but also he wouldn’t even greet him if he met him. Hinault also alleges that UCI, cycling’s governing body has concealed Armstrong’s failed doping tests for years.

Armstrong admitted to doping on a television interview after which he was banned from the sport for life and he was also stripped of his seven Tour de France titles that he admitted to have won using performance enhancing drugs.
Hinault considers his cycling career to be nearly perfect, he also said that the doping has brought dishonor to the sport and it also disappointed the fans of cycling.

Hinault was the last Frenchman to win Tour de France. He is disappointed at the fact that no other Frenchman has been able to win the title after him yet. He said that there isn’t a French rider who can ride at 50 kilometres per hour and keep up with the top climbers. Hinault says that there is no shortage of racers who have the right temperament but they’d have to establish themselves as champions by winning. He said that he doesn’t have a single regret about his career. He said that he’d want his career to be the same even if he’s given a chance to start his career all over again. He said that if he played for two more years then he would’ve won another Tour de France title but nevertheless, he’s happy.

Hinault nowadays rides two to three times each week. He still remembers each and every one of his races.