Cancellara Will Try To Make A New Hour Record

The Trek Factory Racing has confirmed that Fabian Cancellara will be trying to make the hour record this year and the probable months that he will be looking to break the record in is April, July or August. The general manager Luca Guercilena is quite confident that Fabian will be able to make the record this year.

In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport he said that he is looking forward to Fabian performing in the championships this season and also added that he should not only focus on the record but also on the other tournaments too. The preparations and everything is in full form and Fabian is coping with all this pretty well. He has had a good record in the last season and would look to continue from where he left. The general manager has high regards for him and went on to say that he is one of the best riders he has ever seen.

The current record of an hour mark stands at 49.7 kilometers and that is the one which Fabian will try to break. Apart from the record Fabian will also look to achieve two other feats of which Tour de France comes in the first position being the most prestigious of all the tournaments in cycling. The next would be just after Paris Roubaix.

The team and the manager has full confidence in him and the venue for the record attempt has also been chosen. Anaida in Portugal is one of the places and the other is Aguascalientes, Mexico. Aguascalientes has already hosted the second round of the World Cup and it is considered to be lucky by many riders as it is well known to witness many records being created. During the second round in the World Cup many riders managed to break multiple records.