Lance Armstrong has proved that that he can still maintain decent form after he uploaded a video to Strava of the recent ride he had with Cannondale-Drapac professional Lawson Craddock in Texas.

The cyclist, who was disgraced and was stripped off his titles (Tour de France titles), made a ride of 115 miles within 5 hours and 52 minutes, and this ride averaged 31.5 kph (19.6 mph).

Using his Twitter handle, he posted:

“6 hours/115 miles in miserable weather with @lawsoncraddock. Who wants to do that….? WEDU” (making reference to WEDU, his event management company)”

Also, he published a video on Instagram, adding:

“It is cold. 50 degrees. It’s raining, zero visibility. Six hours on the bike, I’m trying to hang with his young punk.”

Despite being stripped off his title by UCI, Armstrong has refused to take away the information about himself on his Strava profile as a seven-time champion of Tour de France. UCI had to strip him of the titles when the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) discovered that Armstrong used dope during most of his time as a rider.

Although some parts of his ban had recently being lifted for him to participate in other events, the ban, which span for 45 years, prevents him from ever racing again. In recent times, Armstrong has continuously stirred up controversy especially when he was spotted with BMC Racing’s Tejay van Gardenren in 2014.

In a recent interview, van Garderen said,

“As far as what I think on the matter of ‘Does it send the right message?,’ I don’t think it sends the wrong message, because there are plenty of people currently in the sport that have, you know, admitted pasts or dodgy pasts.

“If you want to take away every single person that’s ever done anything in the past, then you’re basically going to be getting rid of everyone.”