Over Viewing David Cameron’s Cycling Revolution

When David Cameron came to power and became the Prime Minister of Britain, he made a promise that Britain will undergo a cycling revolution. He made an announcement on the 12th of August, 2013 that this revolution will remove all kinds of obstacles for the British cyclists in the years to come. The three things which were a part of the cycling revolution were: cycle-proofing, investment fund and cycling delivery plan.
Let us take a look at all of these three components separately:
Cycle-proofing: An annual budget has been created for cycle proofing; the Highway Agency has created a post for a strategic lead which will be dedicated to cycle-proofing and engineers are being trained effectively so that they can produce road layouts which offer safe cycling conditions. Novel traffic signs are being introduced and an organization is making sure that all transportation projects keep in mind the interests of the cyclists.
Investment Fund: A total of eight cities are getting funds from the Cycling Cities Ambition Grant including cities such as Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester etc. This funding will end in the month of March this year. Local Sustainable Transport Fund is providing funds for ventures that encourage the utilization of sustainable modes of transport. This funding will end in the year 2016.
Cycling Delivery Plan: This plan has not been published yet and people hope that it will accommodate recommendations which were a part of the report called Get Britain Cycling. Some of these recommendations are: cycling training should be made available to each and every person; justice system should be made more responsive to driving violations, suitable action must be taken on the harmful HGVs and so on.
However, the three components have not been successfully implemented as such and decisive action needs to be taken in order to make the dream of the revolution a reality.