Bonuses slip from the hand of Lance Armstrong

The court documents clearly made it clear that $10 million is the amount which must be paid by Lance Armstrong to the insurance company of sports after the arbitrators did not accept the decision against him.

The rule is against a dispute of the Tour de France. SCA Promotions of the Dallas based company did pay $ 12 million as bonus to Armstrong but he had to give back the money since he himself admitted to doping.

Armstrong testified during the hearing of the multi day on the 4th of February. The arbitrators pointed out that the case is about perjury and conspiracy. The world of sporting history has never witnessed such a deep perpetuation according to the arbitrators. Of the seven victories of Tour de France, Armstrong had 3 bonuses. In 2012 he was banned for lifetime, following the doping case. The decision to punish him for the SCA was taken by the arbitrators. The dispute had taken place in 2005.

On various occasions he did take an oath which stated that he did not take any drugs. Hence the matter was settled by the SCA for $7.5 million. Yet in 2013, he condemned himself that he did take drugs during the Tour de France after which the proceedings for SCA began again. He had also used unlawful means to gain back the money. The damage is slowly being repaired according to Bob Hamman, the president of SCA. The award was confirmed since with the Dallas district court of the state, SCA had filed a motion. Tim Herman, the attorney of Armstrong justified that the case has not been closed. The matter will be decided according to the governing laws. He states that to resolve the matter, Armstrong offered to pay $10 million but SCA refused to accept it.