Sounds unbelievable but do believe that incumbent Prime Minister of Norway Jens Stoltenberg comes to his office on bicycle and he enjoys mixing up with people.

The premier not long ago, was denied having a driver and his spouse used to serve him. Mian Muhammad Islam and Raja Mansoor Ahmad, the Norwegian citizens of Pakistani origin, who are currently in Pakistan, revealed this jaw-dropping information to The News during an informal chat here.

They conceded that the lifestyle, working environment and commitment of the Norwegian rulers had no parallel here in Pakistan. They noted the local media here was doing a fantastic job by highlighting it from time to time. These Norwegians hardly saw any similarity in the life of Pakistani rulers and the common man.

“Citing security reasons, the security apparatus had suggested to the incumbent prime minister to avoid riding a bicycle and he had to stop the activity. But he still privately moves around on his bicycle,” said Islam, who is almost 70 and had left Pakistan over 40 years ago but often keeps visiting his relatives here.