Armstrong Makes Many Admissions

There will probably not be news about Lance, cycling in his country anytime soon, but there are fresh revelations of how he admits to having taken performance enhancing drugs after all those years when he was questioned on his remarkable performance levels and he simply cited hard work to be the reason behind his successes.

After doping charges were levied on him from 2012 today the trials are still on and he faces the stigma of being brought down from the high altar on which he had been placed earlier.

Today he admits that he admires those who refrained themselves from using dope in the nineties and early part of the millennium when the doping regulations were not so stringent. Since the revelations he has come to different shows and admitted that he started to take EPO when it was clear that he needed to do so if he wanted to win.

He now admits that he realizes that those who did not resort to drugs struggled in their own ways while he chose the drug as he was fixated on winning. He states that he was probably more like the others who often lost and had to take tough decisions of going home in order to cut their losses. He released a podcast in the ,a href=””>month of February where he revealed that the return he did to the sport in 2009 was not something he should have done. He had taken a break after 2005 and when he came back in 2009, that is when he bridged the past with the present and allowed greater scrutiny on his preparations and what he took for his performance. He also admits that what is hard for him to do is to look back at the denials he made about taking drugs in the past.


Lance Armstrong, a former pro cyclist gave fellow riders a surprise on Saturday, lining up for the Texas Chainring Massacre.

The gravel bike race was held in Valley View, about 50 miles north of Fort Worth.

In a total of2 hours, 51 minutes and 23.97 seconds, 45 year old Armstrong blazed through the approximately 62-mile course of gravel and dirt roads to finish 2.5 seconds behind Mat Stephens of Dallas who emerged first place in the race.

Armstrong had been handed a ban and stripped in 2012 of his seven Tour de France victories after an investigation into his sports life found him guilty of doping.

However, his ban from participating in any competitive Olympic sport was partially lifted in September.

Speaking to the USA Today a media outfit, Armstrong said he realized it would be very likely for him to participate in “probably 80 percent of the events out there.”

For the past few years, Armstrong has been able to participate and compete actively in some of the events whose standards are not in line with the rules laid down by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

In the event held on Saturday, rides of 31, 43 and 124 miles were included as no less than 350 riders participated in the event.

The winner, Stephens managed to edge out the former pro cyclist towards the end of the 100km gravel race as he crossed the line after about 2 hours 51 minutes and 24 seconds.

The event is amongst one of the races Armstrong would participate in this year. Another one would be with three of his former US Postal team mates, a 24-hour mountain bike race.

His ban still stands, but he is allowed to participate in races not organized under UCI rules.


Lance Armstrong has proved that that he can still maintain decent form after he uploaded a video to Strava of the recent ride he had with Cannondale-Drapac professional Lawson Craddock in Texas.

The cyclist, who was disgraced and was stripped off his titles (Tour de France titles), made a ride of 115 miles within 5 hours and 52 minutes, and this ride averaged 31.5 kph (19.6 mph).

Using his Twitter handle, he posted:

“6 hours/115 miles in miserable weather with @lawsoncraddock. Who wants to do that….? WEDU” (making reference to WEDU, his event management company)”

Also, he published a video on Instagram, adding:

“It is cold. 50 degrees. It’s raining, zero visibility. Six hours on the bike, I’m trying to hang with his young punk.”

Despite being stripped off his title by UCI, Armstrong has refused to take away the information about himself on his Strava profile as a seven-time champion of Tour de France. UCI had to strip him of the titles when the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) discovered that Armstrong used dope during most of his time as a rider.

Although some parts of his ban had recently being lifted for him to participate in other events, the ban, which span for 45 years, prevents him from ever racing again. In recent times, Armstrong has continuously stirred up controversy especially when he was spotted with BMC Racing’s Tejay van Gardenren in 2014.

In a recent interview, van Garderen said,

“As far as what I think on the matter of ‘Does it send the right message?,’ I don’t think it sends the wrong message, because there are plenty of people currently in the sport that have, you know, admitted pasts or dodgy pasts.

“If you want to take away every single person that’s ever done anything in the past, then you’re basically going to be getting rid of everyone.”

Armstrong gets lifelong ban from Tuesday Cruiseday

Lance Armstrong has been shunned from the well known Tuesday Cruiseday event, the answer of what one organizer named the rider’s unblushing try to lead the directionless peloton.

Tuesday Cruiseday that dates back to the start of cycling, when they drove those comical ones along with those big-ass wheels, is a greatly exclusive club of people who could ride with one hand as well as drink beer with the other. Lance told that he was drawn naturally to the event, expecting to boost their presence like he boosted his red blood cells over there in Surrender-land.

It was acquit to the cruise booze group that Lance’s constant lead was not right, akin to having something captivated in your spokes, said an organizer. The local person, who did not want to be identified, told that the situation chilled his blood.

He told that this really is not a competitory thing. But Armstrong got out there and began barking orders that he required climbing specialists and then sprinters to back him in what he said was a time trial. Few of them have tricycles retrofitted with fat tires, and they did not really know what Armstrong was talking about.

The organizer told that that is when they came to know that Lance has got hold of the unnatural. None should be able to hold such a pace. It was the pace car that was the final straw. Tuesday Cruiseday cyclists have a very long had a combative relationship with those they bemock as cagers.

Armstrong Must Not “Ambush Tour France 2015: Wada Boss

Lance Armstrong’s declaration to take part in Tour France2015 charity ride has led to sparks from several quarters. David Howman, the WADA boss has expressed strong concern over the disgraced rider’s recent declaration & has warned him not to “ambush” 2015 Tour France by participating in the charity ride.

As per the reports, ex-footballer & cancer survivor Geoff Thomas had persuaded the banned American rider to join the charity ride, in spite of his lifetime ban for consuming PEDs.

Thomas is hopeful to raise around 1 million pounds to help to fight leukemia.

“It is quite disappointing to know that Lance would be at the centre stage of an event that he cheated at so often”, stated Howman.

“He is very much welcome to strive towards saving lives. I do not feel that he should go for ambush marketing a ride that is way superior compared to what Lance is doing.”

The July charity ride would follow the route of Tour France, a day before the race. The 43-year old rider was ripped of his 7 Tour France titles & banned from professional cycling zone by USADA in the year 2012. The disgraced rider later admitted his consumption of PEDs during all his Tour France victories.

Along with Howman, UCI boss Brian Cookson too has criticized Armstrong’s decision to take part in Tour charity ride. Sir Brailsford, the Sky Principal, also echoed the same tune as that of Cookson & Howman.

Howman even mentioned that he was little cynical regarding the reports that Lance had met the USADA chief Travis Tygart to reduce the ban.

“He received the ban in the year 2012 & it is 2015 now. If Armstrong had any data that he sensed would help in reducing ban, he would’ve surely offered it in the meantime”, noted Howman.

Bonuses slip from the hand of Lance Armstrong

The court documents clearly made it clear that $10 million is the amount which must be paid by Lance Armstrong to the insurance company of sports after the arbitrators did not accept the decision against him.

The rule is against a dispute of the Tour de France. SCA Promotions of the Dallas based company did pay $ 12 million as bonus to Armstrong but he had to give back the money since he himself admitted to doping.

Armstrong testified during the hearing of the multi day on the 4th of February. The arbitrators pointed out that the case is about perjury and conspiracy. The world of sporting history has never witnessed such a deep perpetuation according to the arbitrators. Of the seven victories of Tour de France, Armstrong had 3 bonuses. In 2012 he was banned for lifetime, following the doping case. The decision to punish him for the SCA was taken by the arbitrators. The dispute had taken place in 2005.

On various occasions he did take an oath which stated that he did not take any drugs. Hence the matter was settled by the SCA for $7.5 million. Yet in 2013, he condemned himself that he did take drugs during the Tour de France after which the proceedings for SCA began again. He had also used unlawful means to gain back the money. The damage is slowly being repaired according to Bob Hamman, the president of SCA. The award was confirmed since with the Dallas district court of the state, SCA had filed a motion. Tim Herman, the attorney of Armstrong justified that the case has not been closed. The matter will be decided according to the governing laws. He states that to resolve the matter, Armstrong offered to pay $10 million but SCA refused to accept it.

Lance Armstrong Motorpacing Tejay Garderen

Banned former cyclist Armstring has revealed to be helping out Tejay Garderen on his training spree by motorpacing.

The once-famous-now-disgraced rider revealed about his assistance for the leading BMC cyclist Grand tour preps in one of his recent interviews by a popular magazine.

Armstrong recently had an interview session wit Danish media t his Aspen home where he spent 3 days with the journalist accompanied by the photographer on duty.

During one of his car trips to a food joint, Lance was found talking to partner Anna over the phone- “Hi, baby! Yes, I am along with Danish (Danish journalist) now. They are dressed as Blues Brothers. I just now motor-paced Tejay say for a complete hour & my ass, it seems to be falling off.”

At present Lance is serving his lifetime ban following his storming doping confession in the Oprah Winfrey show last year. He admitted of taking to banned performance enhancing drugs during all his 7 Tour France triumphs that were all consequently stripped off from him. His lifetime ban from UCI covers to every sport & USA Cycling approved events outside racing. Armstrong was also blocked off from participating at Gan Fondo by George Hincapie last October.

Now, however, it seems that Lance is going out to assist a cyclist among American new generation Grand Tour contestants. The disgraced cyclist has got connections with BMC Racing and the team manager Jim Ochowicz is his life-long buddy. Lance’s role in helping out Tejay in his training would definitely raise eyebrows here and there.

In spite of his continuous involvement with cycling in parts, the banned rider feels that he had received unfair treatment in relation to his peers, even when they were found guilty concerning the same issue.

“This sport is just so weak, simply fundamentally weak”, remarked Armstrong.

Bernard Hinault On His Own Career And Lance Armstrong

Bernard Hinault considers Lance Armstrong to be a stain in his Cycling memories; he also said that he wouldn’t talk to Lance Armstrong if he met him. Hinault turned 60 on Friday, November 14th.

Hinault thinks that Armstrong has tarnished the reputation of the sport. He said that cycling’s condition is no worse than the other sports and it is unfair that only cycling is being targeted. Hinault said that not only he wouldn’t talk to Armstrong but also he wouldn’t even greet him if he met him. Hinault also alleges that UCI, cycling’s governing body has concealed Armstrong’s failed doping tests for years.

Armstrong admitted to doping on a television interview after which he was banned from the sport for life and he was also stripped of his seven Tour de France titles that he admitted to have won using performance enhancing drugs.
Hinault considers his cycling career to be nearly perfect, he also said that the doping has brought dishonor to the sport and it also disappointed the fans of cycling.

Hinault was the last Frenchman to win Tour de France. He is disappointed at the fact that no other Frenchman has been able to win the title after him yet. He said that there isn’t a French rider who can ride at 50 kilometres per hour and keep up with the top climbers. Hinault says that there is no shortage of racers who have the right temperament but they’d have to establish themselves as champions by winning. He said that he doesn’t have a single regret about his career. He said that he’d want his career to be the same even if he’s given a chance to start his career all over again. He said that if he played for two more years then he would’ve won another Tour de France title but nevertheless, he’s happy.

Hinault nowadays rides two to three times each week. He still remembers each and every one of his races.

Beech Mountain hosts USA Cycling’s Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships this weekend

The top college mountain bikers of the nation will take part on the Beech Mountain fest on 24th to 26th October for the USA Cycling’s Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships. This is the second time that Beech Mountain is hosting such a championship and more than 70 schools take part out of which there are 300 riders who battle six disciplines to get the ultimate title.
In Division I, the Fort Lewis College of Colorado are defending their position and Brevard College is defending their position at Division II. The local teams that are expected to take part in the Division I are Appalachian State and Lees-McRae College.
The coach of Lees-McRae College, Tim Hall said that the fans of mountain biking have a great opportunity to enjoy the thrill of the competition as the best of the riders are going to compete in the race. This race is not like the other ones held throughout the year as only best of the best riders and teams take part in it for the much coveted prize. His team came third last year.
Beech Mountain feels honored to be hosting the championships two years in a row. The town has invested a lot to make two high quality mountain bike parks in the last few years and have also improved their trail system. Talia Freeman, the event coordinator of Beech Mountain Resort said that they intend to become one of the best destinations for mountain biking on east Coast and having been selected to host the collegiate national championships is a great start. It will let them show the beauty of the terrain at Beech Mountain.
The teams arrive at Beech Mountain his week only and the practice will be open for them from 23rd October. On Friday morning between 8-11 a.m., the first race will take place and the races for Saturday will be between 8 am to 6 p.m. The Sunday races start at 11 a.m. and stay throughout the afternoon. Every race is open for the public to see.

Miller To Lead The British Team In World Road Race Championship 2014

David Miller has been made the captain of the British team at the World Road Race Championships in Ponferrada, Spain which is set to commence this weekend. He’ll be appearing in a GB jersey and will be leading a team of nine.

Miller became a professional cyclist in 1997, but on account of doping he was banned from participating for the whole of 2005 season. Miller won stages in the races of 2000, 2002 and 2003 he also won stage in 2012 Tour de France, making it his fourth time achievement of the same. The accolades he won as a cyclist have often been overshadowed by his drug riddled past, after confessing that he had doped to the French police in 2004, on the eve of Tour de France, he was stripped of his title and banned for two years. These incidents were commonplace in the cycling world but what he did after that is what sets him apart, he returned to cycling and campaigned against doping and never shied away from speaking on this matter ever since. Together with Jonathan Vaughters, ex teammate of Lance Armstrong, he went on to create a team where everyone would strictly follow ethical principles.

It is a 254.8 km race having 14 laps of an 18.2km circuit, a sprinter who can limb like Team Sky’s Ben Swift is probably best suited for this race.

Sir Dave Brailsford, the Yates twins Simon and Adam, Geraint Thomas, commonwealth games champion, British Champion Pete Kennaugh, Chris Froome winner of the second place at Vuelta a Espana, are a few names that can be counted on.

Lizzie Armistead is leading the women’s team of six. Controversy arose when British cycling decided not to let a woman compete in the time trial arguing that no one, after Emma Pooley’s retirement was capable of securing a medal, Emma Pooley herself was scornful at the statement.

Sir Brailsford was called back by the technical director of the British team Shane Sutton to manage the British Cycling Team, it was barely five months since Brailsford quit to devote more time for Team Sky.

Sutton is confident of the team’s potential of bringing home a medal.